New look and website, same commitment to you

We’re delighted to announce the completion of our new website. This forms an important part of our new brand identity and perfectly compliments our revised logo and slightly broader colour scheme. You’ll see similar updates across all TeraHost materials over the coming months, ensuring consistency and quality in everything we do.

The new website will showcase the wide variation of solutions we offer, and will include a blog where we will post regular updates about important developments in the industry as well as our current work and projects.

Our logo has evolved to reflect the way we work as a company, while retaining some familiar features and colours. We decided to keep our red and grey colour scheme and adopt a new design with a futuristic look, for the appearance of movement.

Although we’ve revamped our image, nothing will change about the way we work with our customers. We appreciate your business and you remain our number one priority, so we will never do anything to cause unnecessary disruption to your business. As ever, all remote agents/tools and updates will automatically be done behind the scenes and we’re always happy to help if you need us.

Our new site also gives you the opportunity to leave a Google review. There’s no obligation to do so, but it would be a huge help to us.

We welcome your comments on our new site and image, so feel free to tell us your thoughts below!