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Outsourcing your IT makes great business sense.

Let’s face it, IT systems and devices don’t always do the things people want them to. And when they’re not working properly, businesses suffer. IT downtime costs UK businesses between £4,300 and £258,000 every hour, with a huge 149 million staff hours lost. 

Just think what you could achieve if you didn’t have to waste precious hours looking for lost files, dealing with server issues or making sure your software is up to date and secure.

By choosing managed IT services from Terahost, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all your systems and devices are reliable, fresh and safe from cyber threats. You’ll be able to enjoy the kind of flexibility and scalability you never thought possible, with services that adapt and grow as you do. We’ll always be on hand to deal with any technical issues, keeping a constant eye out for security risks and acting fast so you and your team can get back to business without disruption.

Why outsource your IT to Terahost?

• Friendly, expert support

• Single point of contact

• Fast response and fix times

• Highly scalable

• 24/7 monitoring

• Regular backups

• Reduced capital and staffing costs

• Easy pricing structure

• Vendor Management

• Comprehensive security solutions p

• Up to date, high quality IT systems

Cyber essentials compliant

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